modified bitumen plant can promote road improvement
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modified bitumen plant can promote road improvement
Release Time:2019-02-27
The polymer modified bitumen plant has the advantages of reliable quality, stable performance, accurate measurement and convenient operation, and is an indispensable new equipment in highway construction.
Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant
Nowadays, polymer modified asphalt technology is used by researcher and  manufacturer in asphalt emulsion to improve the performance of asphalt emulsion. Various types of polymers can be used to prepare polymer  modified asphalt emulsion such as styrene  butadiene styrene (SBS) block copolymer, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polyvinyl acetate (PVA), styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) latex, epoxy resin and natural rubber latex. Polymer can be added into  asphalt emulsion in three ways: 1) pre-blending  method, 2) simultaneous-blending method and 3) post-blending method. The blending  method has important influence on polymer network distribution and will affect the performance of polymer modified asphalt emulsions. The absence of an agreed protocol has allowed various techniques to be used by testing laboratories in order to obtain asphalt emulsion residue. This paper presents an overview of the researches which have been conducted on polymer modified asphalt emulsions using various types of polymer and performance of its application.

Sinoroader polymer modified bitumen plant can be used for modifying asphalt, which consists of colloid mill, modifier feeding system, finished material tank, asphalt heating mixing tank, computer control system and electronic weighing device. The entire production process is controlled by a computer automated program.