Introduction and application of fog sealing technology for surface coating maintenance
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Introduction and application of fog sealing technology for surface coating maintenance
Release Time:2024-04-24
The surface coating is to apply a reducing agent that can partially or fully restore the performance of aged asphalt to the aged asphalt pavement. Through the penetration of the reducing agent, it penetrates into the asphalt surface layer to a certain depth and interacts with the aged asphalt paste. The polymerization reaction occurs, causing the components of aged asphalt to undergo reverse changes, restoring flexibility, reducing brittleness, and at the same time protecting unaged asphalt to delay aging. Surface coating is suitable for pavements where the asphalt pavement is obviously aging, and the pavement has a wide range of slight cracks and local looseness. There are two types of surface coatings, one is the fog seal layer and the other is the reducing agent coating. Today we will focus on understanding the fog seal layer.
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After 3-6 years of use, the asphalt pavement begins to age due to factors such as traffic load, ultraviolet rays, and dynamic water erosion. The pavement often suffers from micro cracks, loose fine aggregates, and other diseases. If not treated in time, it will After the rainy season, more serious cracks, pits, shifting and other diseases will appear, which not only incurs higher maintenance costs, but also often fails to achieve ideal maintenance results.
The fog seal layer technology uses a special spreading truck to spray a thin layer of highly permeable emulsified asphalt or modified emulsified asphalt on the asphalt surface to form a tight waterproof layer to seal the road surface and prevent It has the function of seeping and repairing tiny cracks, and increasing the bonding force between asphalt pavement aggregates.
As one of the most effective methods for early preventive maintenance of highways, fog seal layer is a preventive maintenance technology of asphalt pavement often used in developed countries, and it has also been promoted and applied in our country. The key to fog seal technology is to have high-quality emulsified asphalt spraying equipment and emulsified asphalt materials. At present, our company can produce spray equipment and emulsified asphalt suitable for fog sealing technology, which has removed obstacles to the construction of this technology.
Fog seal is generally used on roads with light to moderate fines loss or looseness. Fog sealing can be used on roads with large or small traffic volume. The fog sealing layer can be constructed by spraying, roller coating, scraping and other processes. It is advisable to apply the coating twice. After the base surface is cleaned, start the first pass of construction to ensure that the paint can fully penetrate into the capillary pores on the asphalt surface to seal the capillary pores, form a waterproof layer, activate the asphalt layer, and improve the performance of the surface asphalt; then apply the second pass to ensure that the missed points Apply paint to the surface.
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