Introduction of thermal oil heated bitumen storage warehouse
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Introduction of thermal oil heated bitumen storage warehouse
Release Time:2023-11-28
Working principle of thermal oil heating bitumen device
A local heater is installed in the storage tank, which is suitable for bitumen storage and heating in transportation and municipal systems. It uses organic heat carrier (heat-conducting oil) as the heat transfer medium, coal, gas or oil-fired furnace as the heat source, and forced circulation by the hot oil pump to heat the bitumen to the use temperature.
thermal oil heating bitumen device_1
Main parameters and technical indicators
1. bitumen storage capacity: 100~500 tons
2. bitumen storage and transportation capacity: 200~1000 tons
3. Maximum production capacity:
4. Electricity consumption: 30~120KW
5. Heating time of 500m3 storage tank: ≤36 hours
6. Heating time of 20m3 zero tank: ≤1-5 hours (70~100℃)
7. Heating time of 10m3 high-temperature tank: ≤2 hours (100~160℃)
8. Local heater heating time: ≤1.5 hours (first ignition ≤2.5 hours, ashalt starts to heat up from 50℃, thermal oil temperature is above 160℃)
9. Coal consumption per ton of bitumen: ≤30kg
10. Insulation index: The 24-hour cooling amount of insulated storage tanks and high-temperature tanks shall not be higher than 10% of the difference between the actual temperature and the current temperature.
thermal oil heating bitumen device_2
Advantages of this type of product
The advantage of this type of product is large reserves, and any reserves can be designed as needed. The output is high, and the heating system can be designed according to production needs to achieve the required high-temperature oil output.
Compared with the "direct heating" new type of high-efficiency and rapid bitumen heating tank, this type of product has many accessories, complex heat conduction system, and higher cost. Large oil depots and stations can choose this product.