What are the main functions of bitumen decanter equipment?
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What are the main functions of bitumen decanter equipment?
Release Time:2023-11-28
1. The output of bitumen decanter is 6-10t/h. It adopts an automatic telescopic sealed container structure. The barrel loading method is to lift the asphalt barrel by an electric hoist and place it on the guide rail at the entrance. The hydraulic propeller forward button is activated to push the barrel into the barrel removal device. (Push and slide into the barrel), the hydraulic cylinder stroke is 1300mm, and the maximum pushing force is 7.5 tons. The bitumen decanter has beautiful appearance, reasonable and compact arrangement, and stable performance, and is suitable for production under various industrial and mining conditions.
2. Rapid barrel removal: Based on the stratified heating principle, four-layer heating technology is adopted, with single inlet and single outlet of thermal oil to ensure the thermal efficiency of heating; at the same time, the waste heat of the combustion exhaust gas is used for secondary heating to effectively utilize energy; the body of the barrel remover Use high-quality rock wool material for insulation.
3. Good environmental protection: closed structure, no pollution.
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4. Asphalt does not hang on the barrel: The upper part of this barrel remover is hotter. Each barrel is directly heated by the thermal oil coil, and the barrel wall directly receives the heat radiation of the heating coil. The asphalt is removed cleanly and quickly without causing asphalt hanging. Bucket waste.
5. Strong adaptability: It is suitable for various imported and domestic barrel types, and the deformation of asphalt barrels will not affect production.
6. Good dehydration: Use a large-displacement asphalt pump for internal circulation, agitation, water vapor overflow, and natural discharge from the exhaust port. Dehydrated asphalt can be used directly in the production of asphalt mixtures or as base asphalt.
7. Automatic slag removal: This set of equipment has automatic slag removal function. The asphalt circulation pipeline is equipped with a filtering device, which can automatically remove the slag inclusions in barreled asphalt through the filter.
8. Safe and reliable: The equipment adopts an automatic control system, and the original imported automatic ignition burner can realize automatic control according to the oil temperature, and is equipped with corresponding monitoring instruments.
9. Easy to relocate: The whole machine is assembled with large components, which makes it easy to relocate and quick to assemble.