Precautions for slurry sealing construction
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Precautions for slurry sealing construction
Release Time:2024-02-27
The type of mixture used for slurry seal construction is selected based on factors such as usage requirements, original road conditions, traffic volume, climate conditions, etc., and the mix ratio design, road performance test and design parameter test of the mixture are carried out, and the mix is ??determined based on the test results. Material mix ratio. This process is recommended to be equipped with a mineral screening machine to screen stones.
Specific precautions are as follows:
Precautions for slurry sealing construction_1Precautions for slurry sealing construction_2
1. The construction temperature of the slurry seal layer shall not be lower than 10℃, and the construction is allowed if the road surface temperature and air temperature are above 7℃ and continue to rise.
2. Freezing may occur within 24 hours after construction, so construction is not allowed.
3. It is strictly forbidden to carry out construction on rainy days. If the unformed mixture encounters rain after paving, it should be inspected in time after the rain. If there is local slight damage, it will be repaired manually after the road surface is dry and hard;
4. If the damage is serious due to rain, the paving layer before the rain should be removed and re-paved when the road strength is low.
5. After the slurry sealing layer is constructed, it is necessary to wait for the emulsified asphalt to be demulsified, the water to evaporate, and to solidify before opening to traffic.
6. The slurry sealing machine should drive at a constant speed when paving.
In addition, if the slurry seal is used on the surface layer, issues such as adhesion, friction coefficient, and wear resistance need to be considered.