Slow cracking and fast setting micro surface emulsion bitumen
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Slow cracking and fast setting micro surface emulsion bitumen
Release Time:2024-02-27
Emulsion bitumen for micro surfacing is the binding material for micro surfacing construction. Its characteristic is that it needs to meet the mixing time with the stone and the opening time for traffic after the paving is completed. To put it simply, it meets two time issues. The mixing time must be sufficient, and the opening of traffic must be fast, that's all.
Let’s talk about emulsion bitumen again. Emulsion bitumen is an oil-in-water bitumen emulsion. It is a uniformly viscous liquid at room temperature. It can be applied coldly and does not require heating. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Emulsion bitumen is divided into three types according to the different bitumen emulsifiers used in production: slow cracking, medium cracking, and fast cracking. The emulsified bitumen used in micro-surfacing construction is slow cracking and fast setting cationic emulsion bitumen. This type of emulsion bitumen is prepared using slow cracking and fast setting bitumen emulsifier and adding polymer modifiers. It can achieve sufficient mixing time and quick setting effect. The adhesion between cations and stone is good, so the cationic type is chosen.
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Slow cracking and fast setting emulsion bitumen is mainly used for preventive road maintenance. That is, it is used when the base layer is basically intact but the surface layer is damaged, such as the road surface is smooth, cracked, rutted, etc.
Construction method: Spray a layer of adhesive oil first, then use a micro-surfacing/slurry seal paver to pave. When the area is relatively small, manual mixing and paving of emulsion bitumen and stone can be used. Leveling is required after paving. It can be used normally after waiting for the surface to dry. Applicable to: thin layer construction within 1 cm. If the thickness needs to exceed 1 cm, it should be paved in layers. After one layer is dry, the next layer can be paved. If there are problems during construction, you can contact customer service for consultation!
Slow-crack and fast-setting emulsion bitumen is a cementing material for slurry sealing and micro-surface paving. Strictly speaking, in the construction of modified slurry seal and micro-surfacing, slow cracking and fast-setting emulsion bitumen needs to be added with a modifier, that is, modified emulsion bitumen.