What are the five key systems of asphalt mixing plants?
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What are the five key systems of asphalt mixing plants?
Release Time:2024-06-27
Due to its complexity and importance, asphalt mixing stations are more critical in road construction. Modern asphalt mixing stations have five key systems. Do you know what they are?
1. Mixing system of asphalt mixing plant
Mixing equipment is one of the key systems, why? Usually, the productivity of the mixing equipment has a great influence on the efficiency of the next step of construction. Most asphalt mixing plants use twin-shaft forced mixing. Because the drying drum and burner of the mixing equipment have strong overload capabilities, and in most cases, the moisture content of the mineral materials is less than 5%, which improves the productivity of the mixing equipment. provide conditions. The mixing blades of the mixer have an adjustable assembly angle and are driven by dual mixing shafts and dual motors.
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2. Vibrating screen of asphalt mixing station
When customizing equipment, plan the corresponding equipment needs in advance based on construction requirements. When customizing the mesh of the vibrating screen, its specifications should be based on construction needs, and an additional set of mesh can be prepared as random spare parts. The main criterion for a vibrating screen in an asphalt mixing plant is its service life. Screens made of high-quality steel should have a working time of no less than three thousand hours.
3. Dust removal system of asphalt mixing plants
At construction sites, a large amount of dust is often generated, which has an impact on the environment and workers. Therefore, it is necessary to configure corresponding dust removal devices. Currently, there are two commonly used types of asphalt mixing plants, the first-level gravity centrifugal dust removal, the second-level dry bag dust removal, and a few use water bath dust removal. Dry bag dust removal is more critical, because the dust bag area is large, the dust removal and ventilation power is relatively reduced, and the service life is also relatively extended. Dust accumulated in cloth bags should be removed using negative pressure pulses and the dust recycled.
4. Asphalt supply system of asphalt mixing plant
The supply system provides a necessary guarantee for the operation of the machine. For example, the thermal oil furnaces of some asphalt mixing plants can be used in different aspects, including heating asphalt tanks and heating other parts, such as mixing. Insulation of pots and finished product silos, etc.
5. Monitoring system of asphalt mixing plant
In addition to the above four key systems, there is also a relatively intelligent system that can monitor the entire production process. The monitoring system of the asphalt mixing plant has multiple functions such as data storage, real-time numerical display, fault self-diagnosis, and printing.