Analysis on improvement measures for asphalt mixing plants heating system
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Analysis on improvement measures for asphalt mixing plants heating system
Release Time:2024-06-27
In the asphalt mixing process, heating is one of the indispensable links, so the asphalt mixing station must be equipped with a heating system. However, since this system will malfunction under the influence of various factors, it is necessary to modify the heating system to solve hidden problems to reduce such situations.
First of all, let’s first understand why heating is needed, that is, what is the purpose of heating. We found that when the asphalt mixing station is operated at low temperatures, the asphalt circulation pump and spray pump cannot operate, causing the asphalt in the asphalt scale to solidify, which ultimately leads to the inability of the asphalt mixing plant to produce normally, thus affecting the Quality of construction work.
Analysis on improvement measures for asphalt mixing plants heating system_1Analysis on improvement measures for asphalt mixing plants heating system_2
In order to find out the real cause of this problem, after a series of inspections, we finally found that the real cause of the asphalt solidification was that the temperature of the asphalt transportation pipeline did not meet the requirements. The failure of the temperature to meet the requirements may be attributed to four factors. The first is that the high-level oil tank of the heat transfer oil is too low, resulting in poor circulation of the heat transfer oil; the second is that the inner tube of the double-layer tube is eccentric; it is also possible that the heat transfer oil pipeline is too long. ; Or the thermal oil pipeline does not have effective insulation measures, etc., which ultimately affects the heating effect of the asphalt mixing plant.
Therefore, for the several factors summarized above, we can analyze them according to the specific situation, and then find a way to modify the thermal oil heating system of the asphalt mixing plant, which is to ensure the heating effect to meet the temperature requirements. For the above problems, the specific solutions given are: raising the position of the oil supply tank to ensure good circulation of the heat transfer oil; installing an exhaust valve; trimming the delivery pipeline; adding a booster pump, and taking insulation measures at the same time. Provide insulation layer.
After improvements through the above methods, the heating system set up in the asphalt mixing plant can continue to work stably during operation, and the temperature can also meet the requirements, which not only realizes the normal operation of each component, but also ensures the quality of the project.