Tell you how to improve the use efficiency of thermal oil asphalt tanks
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Tell you how to improve the use efficiency of thermal oil asphalt tanks
Release Time:2024-06-28
The thermal oil asphalt tank is equipped with heating pipes. Pour high-temperature heat transfer oil into the heating coil. Under the action of the hot oil pump, the heat transfer oil is forced to circulate in a closed circuit within the heat transfer oil pipeline system. The heat transfer oil carrying high temperature is transported to the thermal equipment, and the heat energy is transferred to the low-temperature asphalt, thereby increasing the temperature of the asphalt. After heat dissipation and cooling, the heat transfer oil returns to the heating furnace for reheating and cycle heating.
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One or more motors are installed on the top of the thermal oil asphalt tank. The motor shaft extends into the tank body, and the stirring blades are installed on the motor shaft. The upper, middle and lower parts of the tank are respectively equipped with temperature sensors, which are connected to the temperature measurement instrument panel, so that the operator can clearly know the asphalt temperature in different areas in the thermal oil asphalt tank. According to the thermal oil asphalt tank manufacturer, it takes about 30-50 hours to heat 500-1000 m of normal temperature asphalt to 100 degrees Celsius, depending on the boiler power.
The thermal oil asphalt tank is an "internally heated local rapid asphalt storage heater device". The series is currently the most advanced asphalt equipment in China that integrates fast heating, energy saving and environmental protection. Among the products, it is a direct heating portable equipment. The product not only has a heating speed It is fast, fuel-saving, and does not pollute the environment. It is easy to operate. The automatic preheating system completely eliminates the trouble of baking or cleaning asphalt and pipelines. The automatic cycle program allows the asphalt to automatically enter the heater, dust collector, induced draft fan, and asphalt pump as needed. , asphalt temperature indicator, water level indicator, steam generator, pipeline and asphalt pump preheating system, pressure relief system, steam combustion system, tank cleaning system, oil unloading and tank device, etc., all are installed on the tank (internal ) to form a compact integrated structure.
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