Seven characteristics of cationic emulsion bitumen
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Seven characteristics of cationic emulsion bitumen
Release Time:2024-03-02
Emulsion bitumen is a new emulsion formed by mechanical action of asphalt and emulsifier aqueous solution.
Emulsion bitumen is classified according to the different particle properties of the bitumen emulsifier used: cationic emulsion bitumen, anionic emulsion bitumen and nonionic emulsion bitumen.
More than 95% of road construction uses cationic emulsion bitumen. Why does cationic emulsion bitumen have such advantages?
Seven characteristics of cationic emulsion bitumen_1Seven characteristics of cationic emulsion bitumen_2
1. The water selectivity is relatively wide. Bitumen, water and bitumen emulsifier are the main materials for emulsion bitumen. Anionic emulsified bitumen must be prepared with soft water and cannot be diluted with hard water. For cationic emulsion bitumen, you can choose emulsion bitumen for hard water. You can use hard water to prepare an emulsifier aqueous solution, or you can directly dilute it.
2. Simple production and good stability. The stability of anions is poor and admixtures need to be added to ensure the stability of the finished product. In many cases, cationic emulsion bitumen can produce stable emulsion bitument without adding other additives.
3. For cationic emulsion bitumen, there are many ways to adjust the demulsification speed and the cost is low.
4. Cationic emulsified asphalt can still be constructed as usual in humid or low-temperature seasons (above 5℃).
5. Good adhesion to stone. Cationic emulsion bitumen particles carry cationic charges. When in contact with stone, the asphalt particles are quickly adsorbed on the surface of the stone due to the attraction of opposite properties. Used in micro surfacing and slurry seal construction.
6. The viscosity of cationic emulsion bitumen is better than that of anionic emulsion bitumen. When painting, cationic emulsion bitumen is more difficult, so you can choose to spray it. On the contrary, anionic emulsion bitumen is easy to paint. It can be used as penetrating layer oil and sticky layer oil in building waterproofing and road paving.
7. Cationic emulsion bitumen opens to traffic quickly.