Cold patching bitumen additive
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Cold patching bitumen additive
Release Time:2024-03-06
Scope of application:
   Repair small areas of damaged roads such as bitumen concrete roads, cement concrete roads, parking lots, airport runways, bridge expansion joints, etc. Production of cold patch materials for preventive maintenance pothole repair. Cold patching materials are mainly used for pothole repair, groove repair and functional ruts, manhole covers and surrounding repairs, etc. All-season repair material, suitable for a wide temperature range.
product description:
  Cold-patch bitumen additive is an additive made by polymerizing modifiers and various materials. It is mainly used in the production of cold-patch bitumen.
Bitumen cold patch material can be constructed in the temperature range of -30℃ to 50℃. Bag storage is recommended. Cold patching materials are mainly used for: low repair cost, not affected by weather and the size and quantity of pits, and can be used as needed.
Simple construction: According to different conditions of the road surface, impact compaction, manual compaction or car tire rolling can be used to repair the repair quality; the repaired potholes are not prone to falling off, cracking and other undesirable phenomena.
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Storage method:
  Cold-patch bitumen additives should be stored in sealed barrels in a ventilated, cool warehouse. Can be stored for two years. Avoid placing it in the sun to prevent heat deterioration, and keep away from flammable items and high-oxidation materials.
How to use cold patching material (cold patching material to repair pits):
  1 Grooving, crushing, trimming and cleaning.
  2. Spray or apply sticky layer oil;
  3. Pave the cold patch material about 1CM above the road surface. When the thickness exceeds 5CM, it needs to be paved in layers and compacted in layers;
  4. For compaction, you can use flat plate tampers, vibrating tampers, or car wheels to flatten and compact;
  5. It can be opened to traffic after compaction.
Note: When the temperature is low, the cold patch material should be placed in a warehouse above 5℃ for 24 hours before construction. "Learn about other products".