What are the operating instructions for bitumen emulsion equipment?
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What are the operating instructions for bitumen emulsion equipment?
Release Time:2023-12-15
Bitumen Emulsion Equipment Application Manual Emulsion Bitumen Plant can be produced manually or as part of emulsion bitumen, asphalt concrete, and its equipment and applications are as follows: Sewage treatment: Regarding general drinking water adsorption and water treatment filter epoxy resin AC reaction Soft and mineral water changes the water hardness, relieves tension and improves chemical effects.
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The water storage tank can store water, and once the soap water has the required ingredients and levels, it will be controlled without leakage. 
Measurement and control temperature management system: Use boiling oil and heated water to pass through special equipment, and adjust the speed to control the flow rate of the centrifugal water pump to measure the temperature when it reaches the technical standard. By measuring the flow of water, and comparing it with the controller when the water level reaches the set point, the system will close the water and use it for quantitative water analysis.
Soap seasoning system: Stabilizer, natural latex is introduced into the measurement system when weighing, the weighing and metrology verification system is based on different settings and feeds the nominal value of the moisturizing lotion ingredients from the water tank, the emulsion pump directly, To ensure that all materials have the correct ingredients, after the emulsion measurement and verification system is completed, the acid battery is charged according to the value of the acid and the valve is opened to regulate the acid to ensure the process requirements of the moisturizing emulsion. Contains high temperature thermal oil heating and thermal insulation moisturizing lotion, soap can. You can also use the method of vacuum suction and compressed air pressure to avoid operating the machine to concentrate, and then solve the output to complete the foam.