Sinoroader shares bitumen melting equipment with you
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Sinoroader shares bitumen melting equipment with you
Release Time:2023-12-15
Bitumen melting equipment is a mechanical equipment specially used to heat and melt bitumen. Our company's products have been widely recognized and applied in the market.
Our main production process is: transporting the high-temperature oil and gas generated after high-temperature cracking of raw materials (such as petroleum) in the combustion chamber to high-speed rotating heat-conducting oil tankers for heat transfer, melting, cooling and other processes, and finally obtaining the required finished materials or Semi-finished materials. The advantage is that it can make the best use of raw materials and reduce energy consumption; at the same time, it can also customize products of different specifications according to different needs to meet the different requirements of customers. In addition, we provide after-sales service and technical support to protect the interests and safety of our customers.
Our bitumen melting equipment has the following advantages:
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1.: Using advanced heating technology, it can melt bitumen quickly and efficiently while saving energy.
2.: The equipment is made of materials and processes that have good stability and reliability and can operate stably for a long time.
3. Easy to operate: The equipment has an intelligent control system, which is easy to operate, maintain and manage.
4. Environmental protection and safety: The equipment adopts advanced environmental protection technology, which can effectively reduce the emission of waste gas, waste water and noise and ensure the safety of operators.
5. Wide range of application: The equipment is suitable for various types of bitumen, including hot mix asphalt, cold mix asphalt and modified bitumen, etc., and has a wide range of applications.