Advantages of synchronous chip sealing truck
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Advantages of synchronous chip sealing truck
Release Time:2023-10-09
Compared with ordinary gravel sealing, Sinosun's synchronous gravel sealing layer shortens the time interval between spraying the adhesive and spreading the aggregate, allowing the aggregate particles to be better implanted with the adhesive. in to obtain more coverage area. It is easier to ensure a stable proportional relationship between the binder and stone chips, improve work productivity, reduce mechanical configuration, and reduce construction costs. 
1. This equipment can achieve stone chip spreading construction without lifting the hopper, making it more convenient for culvert construction, construction under bridges, and curve construction;
2. This equipment is completely electrically controlled and has a high degree of automation. It automatically controls the telescopic length of the spreader and can accurately calculate the amount of asphalt sprayed by the equipment during the construction process;
3. The mixing device effectively solves the problem of rubber asphalt being easily precipitated and segregated;
4. The stone chips are spread using a double-spiral distributor to transport the stone chips into the 3500mm lower hopper. The stone chips fall by the friction of the gravity roller and gravity, without being divided by the material distribution plate to ensure the uniformity of the stone chip spread;
5. Reduce the labor intensity of construction, save human resources, reduce construction costs, and improve work efficiency and work quality;
6. The whole machine operates stably, spreads evenly, and can freely adjust the spreading width of asphalt;
7. A good thermal insulation layer ensures that the thermal insulation performance index is ≤20℃/8h, and it is anti-corrosion and durable;
8. It can spray various asphalt media and spread stones from 3 to 30mm;
9. The equipment adopts nozzles with high processing accuracy, so that the spraying consistency and spraying effect of each nozzle are fully guaranteed;
10. The overall operation is more humane, with remote control and on-site operation, which brings great convenience to the operator;
11. Through the perfect combination of electrical control and the constant pressure device of the hydraulic system, zero-start spraying is achieved;
12. After many engineering construction improvements, the whole machine has reliable working performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and high cost performance.