The main uses and brief introduction of asphalt mixing plants
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The main uses and brief introduction of asphalt mixing plants
Release Time:2024-06-05
Main uses of asphalt mixing plant
Asphalt mixing plant, also called asphalt concrete mixing plant, can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, and colorful asphalt mixture, fully meeting the needs of constructing expressways, graded highways, municipal roads, airports, ports, etc.
The overall composition of asphalt mixing plant
Asphalt mixing equipment mainly consists of batching system, drying system, incineration system, hot material improvement, vibrating screen, hot material storage bin, weighing mixing system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, dust removal system, product silo and control system, etc. Some composition.
The main uses and brief introduction of asphalt mixing plants_1The main uses and brief introduction of asphalt mixing plants_2
Composed of:
⑴ Grading machine ⑵ Oscillating screen ⑶ Belt feeder ⑷ Powder conveyor ⑸ Drying mixing drum;
⑹ Pulverized coal incinerator ⑺ Dust collector ⑻ Elevator ⑼ Product silo ⑽ Asphalt supply system;
⑾ Power distribution room ⑿ Electrical control system.
Features of mobile asphalt mixing plant:
1. Module planning makes transfer and installation more convenient;
2. The unique design of the mixing blades and the mixing cylinder driven by special power make mixing easy, reliable and efficient;
3. The oscillating screen driven by imported oscillating motors is selected, which greatly improves the power and reduces the failure rate of the equipment;
4. The bag dust collector is placed in a drying state and placed above the drum to reduce heat loss and save space and fuel;
5. The bottom-mounted structure of the silo is relatively large, thereby greatly reducing the floor space of the equipment, and at the same time eliminating the space for raising the finished material lane, reducing the equipment failure rate;
6. Increasing the aggregate and selecting double-row plate hoisting increases the service life of the hoisting machine and improves working stability;
7. Adopt dual-machine fully automatic control computer/manual control system, and the automatic fault diagnosis program is easy and safe to operate.