Three steps of emulsified asphalt production
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Three steps of emulsified asphalt production
Release Time:2024-03-01
What is needed to produce emulsified asphalt? How to do it?
1: Determine the customer range of emulsified asphalt and which business channels need to be expanded in the future.
2: Where does the technology for the production and application of emulsified asphalt come from? This question is related to: How to choose materials? How to self-check the various indicators of the product? How to determine the emulsifying effect and stability of the product? How can we reduce losses?

3: Selection of equipment and materials.
To start from scratch, what you need is an independent emulsified asphalt production line. Economical production line, you can choose simple production equipment. For long-term investment to reduce later transformation costs, you can choose a semi-automatic complete production line or a fully automatic production line. Semi-automatic production lines are easy to maintain. Fully automatic production lines are relatively simple to use and require less manual use.
If you previously operated a hot asphalt mixing station and membrane plant, you need to increase the product variety. You can choose emulsified asphalt production equipment for thermal oil heating systems. Analyzing step by step can reduce later economic losses.
Choose our company's products: emulsified asphalt production equipment and asphalt emulsifiers, we provide technical guidance. You just need to identify your customer sources and sales channels. We will provide technical training on the production and testing of emulsified asphalt. The equipment can be installed at the production site. Welcome to visit and negotiate.