What are the seasonal advantages of modified bitumen equipment?
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What are the seasonal advantages of modified bitumen equipment?
Release Time:2023-12-20
In continuous rainy weather during the rainy season, how to use non-cured bitumen (composition: asphaltene and resin) waterproof coating and membrane composite construction, as long as there is no clear water on the base surface during construction, it will not affect the quality and progress of the entire waterproof construction. Bitumen debarking equipment is a dark-brown complex mixture composed of hydrocarbons of different molecular weights and their non-metallic derivatives. It is a type of high-viscosity organic liquid. It is liquid, has a black surface, and is soluble in carbon disulfide. Bitumen is an organic cementitious material that is waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant.  Bitumen can be mainly divided into three types: coal tar pitch, petroleum bitumen and natural bitumen: among them, coal tar pitch is a by-product of coking. Petroleum bitumen is the residue after distillation of the original oil, so what are the seasonal advantages of using modified bitumen equipment (explanation: a favorable situation that can overwhelm the opponent)?
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Solvent (property: transparent, colorless liquid) type coating and water-based waterproof coating require film forming time, surface drying time and solid drying time after completion of construction. In rainy weather, these waiting times will be greatly increased, thus affecting the progress of the entire project. Non-cured rubber bitumen (composition: asphaltene and resin) waterproof coating can be laid with roll materials for protective layer construction after the construction is completed, and will not be affected by the humid climate at all.
The base layer must be smooth, solid, clean, and free of exposed water. Any concrete skin, formwork nails, mortar protrusions, etc. need to be cleaned up. Modified bitumen equipment is to add external admixtures (modifiers) such as rubber, resin, high molecular polymers, finely ground rubber powder or other fillers, or take measures such as mild oxidation processing of bitumen to mix asphalt or asphalt. The inner and outer corners, pipe roots, equipment foundation and other details of the bitumen binder made by improving the performance of the material should be made into arcs, and the arc diameter should be greater than 50mm. Use manual scraping to repair joints, bolts (composed of heads and screws), local corrosion (interpretation: refers to rot, disappearance, erosion, etc.) and other weak (explanation: thin but not strong) parts as well as cracks and edges. Apply additional layers to weak areas such as corners. The surface of the base of the underground structure should be smooth and solid. There must be no defects such as sanding and hollowing; the inner and outer corners should be made into arc shapes (explanation: it is an elegant line) or obtuse angles. At the same time, the surface should be clean and dry, and the waterproof layer construction can only be carried out after passing the concealed acceptance.
During the construction process, in addition to regular construction precautions, you should also pay close attention to the weather forecast and reasonably organize construction arrangements. During the rain stop period, modified asphalt equipment is mixed with rubber, resin, high molecular polymers, finely ground rubber powder or other Fillers and other external admixtures (modifiers), or measures such as mild oxidation of bitumen, can be used to improve the performance of asphalt or asphalt mixtures. During rainy season construction of bitumen binders, anti-skid reinforcement work must be done to prevent construction equipment from and personnel accidents.
The roads and facilities at the construction site must have smooth drainage, and try to ensure that the rain stops and the water dries up to prevent excessive water on the ground. Ensure construction equipment and materials are protected from rain and moisture. Compared with construction in the rainy season, cold weather construction in winter has even more stringent requirements for materials and personnel. Low temperature, rain, snow, and ice all test waterproof construction. Generally speaking, when entering the climate environment below 0℃ in winter, most construction sites choose to stop construction and wait for the weather to warm up before starting work.
The low temperature period in winter is too long. Once the construction schedule is tight, we have to face the problem of low temperature construction in winter. For solvent (property: transparent, colorless liquid) type waterproof coatings and water-based waterproof coatings, if the increase in film formation time, surface drying time and solid drying time in rainy weather does not make construction impossible, then under low temperature conditions in winter The icing phenomenon basically declares that there is no possibility of construction. However, non-cured asphalt (composition: asphaltene and resin) waterproof coatings with a single-component solid content of more than 99% do not have this problem. The thickness required for waterproofing can be achieved after one spraying or scraping, and the roll material can be laid immediately. Or film material can be used. Things to pay attention to when using modified asphalt equipment in different seasons.