what is asphalt mixing plant structure?
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what is asphalt mixing plant structure?
Release Time:2023-10-25
From the appearance, the asphalt mixer has a large cylindrical structure, which is composed of the working area and the motor part. The main function of the asphalt mixer is fully reflected in the working area. The working area is mainly composed of a metal cylinder shell that protects and stores building materials, and a mixing blade that mixes various materials evenly. When the asphalt mixer is working, The working area part will reprocess and mix the water entering the interior and materials to make them meet the conditions for use. The motor part is the core of the asphalt mixer. With the motor, the asphalt mixer can carry out accurate automatic setting procedures, and the materials in the asphalt mixer can be heated and mixed accurately.
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1. The main beam structure is reasonable. For large-span advection sedimentation tank mud suction machines, truss type or "L-shaped composite beams are selected; for medium- and small-span inclined tube tank mud suction machines, single or double-tube beams and profiled steel beams are used, especially The mud suction pipe in the water of the inclined tube sedimentation tank is both a channel and a load-bearing component, so it saves materials and is easy to manufacture and maintain.
2. Since there is no need for vacuuming equipment, it is easy to operate and facilitates the completion of automated program-controlled management: the deep submersible non-clogging pump is used to suck mud, which can operate at full lift, has good performance, is light in weight, and overcomes the problems caused by the long shaft of Quansheng submersible pumps in the past. Damage caused by vibration and difficult installation and maintenance.
3. The pump-siphon dual-purpose mud suction machine saves water and energy: In a sedimentation tank with siphon mud discharge conditions, the position difference between the water outlet weir and the mud discharge port can also be fully utilized to cut off the power supply of the submersible sewage pump after the submersible sewage pump starts to discharge mud. , converted from pumping to siphoning, which not only saves water and energy but also eliminates the need for system extraction equipment;
4. Using a small-volume submersible sewage pump can realize a mud suction system in which each pump only has one mud suction nozzle. Subsequently, even if the water supply process installation of vertical water outlet trough and buttress is installed at the outlet end of the sedimentation tank, the mud suction machine can still pass unimpeded, ensuring the mud discharge effect within the entire length;
5. New types of transmission equipment can be selected. The key components of the driving equipment are new product shaft-mounted or flange-mounted gear reducers, which have large bearing capacity and eliminate the need for couplings. Compact structure, high efficiency and light weight.