what is modified bitumen equipment ?
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what is modified bitumen equipment ?
Release Time:2023-08-18
Product introduction
The modified bitumen equipment is suitable for mixing base bitumen, SBS and additives at a certain temperature, and producing high-quality polymer modified bitumen through swelling, grinding, inoculation, etc. With high working efficiency and high reliability, Intuitive display, easy operation and maintenance, etc. The processing technology of modified bitumen equipment is especially suitable for the modification processing of SBS modifier, and it is equipped with proprietary stability technology to solve the segregation problem of modified bitumen. Adopting the control mode combining man-machine interface and PLC, the whole production process can be displayed visually, centralized control is realized, and the operation is simple. The key components are selected from international imported products or domestic excellent products, which greatly improves the reliability of equipment operation. It can be used in conjunction with bitumen storage, asphalt mixing plant equipment, etc.

Composition of equipment
1. Constant temperature system
The heat energy of the equipment is mainly provided by the oil heating furnace, among which the burner is an Italian product, and the whole heating system adopts automatic control, safety interlocking, fault alarm and so on.
2. Metering system
The modifier (SBS) metering system is completed by the process of crushing, lifting, metering, and distribution. The matrix bitumen adopts the turbine flowmeter produced by a well-known domestic brand, and is set, metered, and controlled by PLC. It has the advantages of simple operation and debugging, stable measurement and reliable performance.
3. Modified system
The modified bitumen system is the core part of the equipment. It mainly consists of two high-performance mills, two swelling tanks, and three incubating tanks, which are connected into a continuous flow process through a series of pneumatic valves and pipelines.
The mill adopts a high-performance high-speed shearing homogenizing mill. When the SBS passes through the mill cavity, it has already undergone one shearing and two grindings, which greatly increases the grinding time in the limited mill space and time. The probability of cutting, highlighting the dispersion effect, thus ensuring the grinding fineness, uniformity and stability, and improving the reliability of product quality.
4. Control System
The operation of the whole set of equipment adopts the industrial control configuration and the automatic control system of the man-machine screen, which can perform operation, real-time monitoring, parameter setting, fault alarm, etc. of the entire production process. The equipment is easy to operate, stable in operation, safe and reliable.
Modified Bitumen Plant_1Modified Bitumen Plant_2
Technical advantages:
1. The investment in equipment is relatively small, and the investment cost of equipment has dropped from more than several million yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan, which greatly reduces the investment threshold and investment risk.
2. It is widely applicable to bitumen, and various domestic bitumen can be used as base bitumen for processing and production.
3. The equipment is powerful and can be used not only for the production of SBS modified bitumen, but also for the production of rubber powder modified bitumen and other high-viscosity modified bitumen.
4. Easy operation and low management cost. This series of equipment does not have high technical requirements for operators. After 5-10 days of technical training by our company, the modified bitumen production and management of this equipment can be independently operated.  
5. Low energy consumption and fast heating speed. The total installed capacity of a single machine of this series of equipment is less than 60kw, and the energy consumption of the equipment is low. At the same time, due to the use of non-grinding technology, the rubber powder or SBS particles do not need to be heated when they reach a certain particle size. The preheating system and heat preservation system designed by the equipment greatly reduce the production energy consumption, thereby reducing the production cost to a very low level.
6. Complete functions. The main parts of the equipment include: basic bitumenfeeding system connected to the modified bitumen production tank, preheating device, heating device, bitumen system, heat preservation device, stabilizer adding device, stirring device, finished product discharge systems, frame systems and power distribution systems, etc. Solid material automatic feeding device, weighing device and automatic control system can be selected according to user requirements.
7. The product performance index is excellent. This equipment can produce rubber bitumen, various SBS modified bitumen and PE modified bitumen at the same time.
8. Stable operation and less faults. This series of equipment is equipped with two independent heating systems. Even if one of them fails, the other can support the production of the equipment, effectively avoiding delays in construction due to equipment failure.
9. The stand-alone machine can be moved. The stand-alone equipment can be made mobile according to user requirements, making it easier to install, disassemble and lift the equipment.
Modified Bitumen Plant_3Modified Bitumen Plant_4
Equipment performance:
1. Taking the production capacity of 20 tons per hour as an example for modified bitumenequipment, the power of the colloid mill motor is only 55KW, and the power of the whole machine is only 103KW. Compared with the same output model, the modified bitumen is successfully ground at one time, and the power consumption per hour is about less Can 100-160;
2. The modified bitumen equipment adopts the production process of diluting the concentrated SBS bitumen after one-time grinding, which can significantly save the heating cost of the base bitumen.
3. Both the production tank and the finished modified bitumen tank are equipped with custom-made high-speed mixers with strong shear function, which not only have the functions of development and storage, but also can produce small batches of SBS modified bitumen within 3-8 hours without heating the whole set equipment, only the finished product tank or production tank can be heated, which can significantly save fuel consumption.
4. The production tank, modified bitumen product tank and pipeline heating system are all parallel and independent control, which avoids many disadvantages of other models designed in series to heat empty tanks, not only saves fuel consumption, but also helps protect modified bitumen equipment and products.
5. The specially designed and manufactured bitumen heating tank uses heat transfer oil and flue pipes to heat up the bitumen at the same time, and the heat energy utilization rate reaches more than 92%, saving fuel.
6. Equipped with a pipeline purging device, the modified bitumen equipment does not need to be heated in advance for a long time every time it is started, saving fuel.

Types of modified bitumen that this series of equipment can produce
1. Rubber bitumen that meets the requirements of ASTM D6114M-09 (Standard Specification for bitumen-Rubber Binder) in the United States
2. SBS modified bitumen that meets the JTG F40-2004 standard of the Ministry of Communications, the American ASTM D5976-96 standard and the American AASHTO standard
3. SBS modified bitumen meeting the requirements of PG76-22
4. High-viscosity modified bitumen meeting the requirements of OGFC (viscosity at 60°C > 105 Pa·S)
5. High-viscosity and high-elasticity modified bitumen suitable for Strata stress-absorbing layer
6. Rock bitumen, lake bitumen, PE and EVA modified bitumen (segregation exists, needs to be mixed and used now)
Remarks: In addition to equipment requirements, the production of SBS modified bitumen of types 3, 4, and 5 may also have higher requirements for base bitumen, and the user needs to provide base bitumen first. Our company will confirm whether the base bitumen is suitable for the user. The provided base bitumen provides technical support such as formula and production process.