Why does the power of the synchronous gravel sealing truck deteriorate?
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Why does the power of the synchronous gravel sealing truck deteriorate?
Release Time:2023-12-28
As a more important tool in road maintenance, the synchronous gravel sealing truck will inevitably have some problems during work. So how do we deal with these common problems? Let’s take a look at them below.
There are many factors that cause the vehicle's power to suddenly weaken while driving, but the common reasons are mainly the following. Here are some common faults that cause power to deteriorate, and ways to solve them yourself.
1. Insufficient air supply and insufficient fuel combustion in the cylinder
Solution: Problems with the vehicle's air intake system are a major reason for the sudden deterioration of vehicle power. We can investigate along the air intake system to find out where the fault occurred, which caused insufficient air supply to the engine, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion in the cylinder. Sufficient to cause a sudden loss of truck power. First, check whether the air pipe is broken or the interface is loose and leaking. If the intake pipe leaks, there will be insufficient oxygen supply in the diesel engine cylinder, insufficient combustion, and the power will be reduced. Check the location of the air leakage. If it is loose, you can tighten the lower joint by yourself. If it is cracked and the crack is small, you can use tape to stick it first and find a professional repair shop to replace it. The air filter serves as the lungs of the engine, and its role is very important. After the air filter is used for a period of time, the filter element will be covered with dust in the air, and the filtering capacity will decrease, hindering the circulation of the air, and easily causing the mixture to be too rich and causing the engine to malfunction. It does not work properly and the power performance deteriorates. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the air filter on a daily basis.
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2. Problems with the supercharger
Nowadays, whether it is a diesel engine or a gasoline engine, more and more attention is paid to the use of a booster. The supercharger can increase the intake pressure and increase the air intake of the engine, so that the fuel can be burned more fully, thereby increasing the power of the engine. If there is a problem with the supercharger, the air supply to the engine will be reduced and the power will also drop. Superchargers are often exposed to high temperatures and high temperature working environments. You must pay attention to these three issues in daily use:
1). Never leave when the car is cold.
2). Do not turn off the engine immediately after driving.
3). The oil and filter must be regular.
3). The valve clearance is too small or the sealing is poor. Insufficient pressure relief and air supply in the cylinder.
The valve is an important part of the engine. It is responsible for the input of air and the emission of exhaust gas. Check whether the intake valve clearance is too small. If the intake valve clearance is too small, the engine air supply is insufficient, the fuel in the cylinder is insufficient, and the power becomes smaller. If the cylinder is sealed Defective or too large gaps can easily cause pressure relief in the cylinder, which will also cause a decrease in vehicle power.