Fiji customer signed the order for 10m3 automatic asphalt distributor
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Fiji customer signed the order for 10m3 automatic asphalt distributor
Release Time:2023-07-26
On May 26, 2023, after confirmed all information was correct, the customer from Fiji signed the order for 10m3 automatic asphalt distributor.

The Fiji customer sent us an inquiry through our website on March 3. During the conversation, we learned that the customer has been doing road maintenance projects all the time. The strength of the client company is very strong. The current project undertaken by their company is the construction and maintenance of a large airport in Suva, the capital of Fiji.
Our company recommends 10m3 automatic intelligent asphalt distributors solution according to the customer's actual situation and cost investment budget. This set of 10m3 automatic intelligent asphalt distributor sprays evenly, intelligently sprays, saves time and effort, and is controlled by a computer. The overall cost performance is very high. After knowing about the delivery details and equipment quotation, the Fiji customer quickly signed the order.

Sinoroader intelligent asphalt distributors are an automation product specialized in spraying emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, modified asphalt. The product controls the whole process of asphalt spraying through the controller, thus the asphalt spraying amount is not affected by the change of speed and the high-precision spraying is achieved. It is mainly used for construction and maintenance projects of highway, all grades of roads and municipal roads, suitable distributing construction of prime coat, bonding layer, upper and lower sealing layers of different grades of road surface.