Mongolia 10t/h bag bitumen melt equipment
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Mongolia 10t/h bag bitumen melt equipment
Release Time:2023-08-16
On March 14, 2023, Mongolian customers inquired about 10t/h bag bitumen melt equipment. And finally ordered 2 sets of equipment in June.

Our Bag bitumen melting equipment is a device that melts bags of bitumen into liquid bitumen. The equipment utilizes a heat transfer oil heating system to initially melt the blocky bitumen, and then uses the fire pipe to intensify the heating of the bitumen so that the bitumen reaches the pumping temperature and is then transported to the bitumen storage tank.

After years of hard work, Sinoroader Bag bitumen melting plants have gained a certain reputation and brand influence in the industry, and have been recognized by more and more customers. Sinoroader Bag bitumen melting equipments have been exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad.
bag bitumen melting plant_2bag bitumen melting plant_1
Bag bitumen melting plant Features:
1. The device dimensions is designed in accordance with the 40-foot high cabinet, this set of equipment can be transported by sea using a 40-foot high cabinet.
2. All the upper lifting brackets are bolted and removable, which facilitates site relocation and transoceanic transportation.
3. Heat transfer oil is used to transfer heat during initial melting of bitumen to avoid safety incidents.
4. The device comes with a heating device, so it does not need to connect with external devices, but can work as long as the power supply is available.
5. The equipment adopts a one-heating chamber and three-melting chamber model to increase the melting speed of the bitumen and increase the production efficiency.
6. Heat transfer oil and bitumen dual-temperature control, energy-saving and safe.