4 set of asphalt distributor trucks sent to Tanzania
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4 set of asphalt distributor trucks sent to Tanzania
Release Time:2023-08-23
Recently, the export orders for Sinoroader equipment have continued, and the latest 4 set of fully automatic asphalt distributors are ready to ship to Tanzania from Qingdao Port. This is an important order after exporting to Vietnam, Yemen, Malaysia, Thailand, Mali and other countries, and it is also another major achievement of Sinoroader in expanding the international market.

Asphalt distributor trucks are widely used in the construction of highways, urban roads, large airports and port terminals. It is an intelligent and automated high-tech product model that professionally spreads emulsified bitumen, diluted bitumen, hot bitumen, and high-viscosity bitumen. It is composed of automobile chassis, asphalt tank, asphalt pump and spraying system, heat transfer oil heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system, control system, pneumatic system and operating platform.
asphalt distributor truck Tanzania_2asphalt distributor truck Tanzania_1
The asphalt distributor trucks exported to Tanzania this time is Dongfeng D7 asphalt distribution vehicle, the volume of the bitumen tank is 6 square meters, the wheelbase is 3800mm, the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic drive motor of the asphalt pump, the overflow valve, the reversing valve, the proportional valve, etc. Domestic well-known brands, the key parts of the whole machine adopt internationally renowned components to ensure the reliability of the whole machine and improve the service life.

The heating system adopts burners imported from Italy, with automatic ignition and temperature control functions, which can improve heating efficiency and reduce construction auxiliary time to ensure the spraying temperature.

After the bitumen is diluted, this truck automatically sprays the road surface, and the computer automation operation replaces the previous manual paving, which greatly reduces the waste of manpower. The work efficiency of this car with bitumen spraying rate of 0.2-3.0L/m2 has also been greatly improved.

Large-scale airport roads can be built with this kind of car, have you seen it? If you are interested in this model, please contact us!