Philippines 8m3 asphalt spreader tanker
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Philippines 8m3 asphalt spreader tanker
Release Time:2024-06-03
Our company's asphalt spreader products are widely recognized in the Philippine market, and our company's brand asphalt spreader trucks and other products are also very commonly used in the country. On May 16, a Filipino customer placed an order for an 8m3 asphalt spreader top to our company, and the full payment was received. At present, it is obvious that customers place orders intensively. Our company is working overtime to arrange production to ensure normal delivery to customers.
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The customer ordered this set of 8m3 asphalt spreader tops to spray emulsified asphalt. Compared with the traditional hot-mix asphalt construction method, the emulsified asphalt spreader truck uses a cold-mix process, which eliminates the need to preheat asphalt materials and makes the construction faster. At the same time, the emulsified asphalt spreading truck can evenly and stably spray emulsified asphalt on the road surface to ensure the uniformity and density of the asphalt cement layer and improve the durability and load-bearing capacity of the road. Therefore, emulsified asphalt spreading trucks can effectively shorten the construction cycle, improve construction efficiency, and ensure the quality of road construction.