Control system of intermittent asphalt mixing plants
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Control system of intermittent asphalt mixing plants
Release Time:2024-02-06
What I want to introduce to you here is a gap type asphalt mixing plant, and what attracts attention is its control system. This is a stable and reliable control system based on PLC, which can achieve long-term, large-load stable operation. Let the editor tell you below about the various characteristics of this technology.
asphalt mixing equipment perform mixture grading and separation_1asphalt mixing equipment perform mixture grading and separation_2
This new control system can display the batching process of the mixing equipment, the level of material level, the opening and closing of valves and of course the weight in an animated way, making each process clear at a glance. Under normal circumstances, the equipment can perform uninterrupted continuous production in an automatic manner, and the operator can also manually intervene by pausing for manual intervention.
It has powerful protection prompt functions, including equipment chain protection, mixing tank overweight protection, asphalt overweight protection, storage silo and other material detection, metering bin discharge detection, etc., which effectively guarantees the operation process of the asphalt plants. At the same time, it also has a powerful database storage function, which can query and print original data and statistical data for users, and realize the setting and adjustment of various parameters.
In addition, this system uses a stable weighing module, which completely reaches or exceeds the measurement accuracy of asphalt plant, which is the key to maintaining stable and reliable operation of the asphalt mixing plant.