How to add additives to asphalt mixing plant?
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How to add additives to asphalt mixing plant?
Release Time:2024-02-06
Every link in a complete set of asphalt mixing plants is very important. If you are slightly negligent, you may produce asphalt products with substandard quality. Even the use of additives in asphalt mixing plants must be paid attention to. Who knows what types of additives are used in asphalt plants?
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There are many external additives commonly used in asphalt mixing plants, such as pumping agents, water reducing agents, antifreezes, coagulants, and expansion agents. Each different type of additives can be divided into ordinary and high-efficiency ones, as well as composite types. The effects produced are also different. Therefore, we must adapt to the current conditions and choose appropriate and effective external additives to improve efficiency and shorten the construction period. !
When multiple additives are used together, they need to be premixed according to a certain ratio, and then poured into the mixer with water after weighing for mixing. What needs to be noted during use is that some special external additives require trial mixing to prevent problems, so do not neglect them.