How bitumen melter equipment reduces heat loss
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How bitumen melter equipment reduces heat loss
Release Time:2024-02-05
The bitumen melter equipment can be used as an independent unit in a complex system to replace the existing heat source barrel removal method, or it can be connected in parallel as a core component of a large complete set of equipment. It can also work independently to meet the requirements of small-scale construction operations. In order to further improve the working efficiency of bitumen melter equipment, it is necessary to consider reducing heat loss. What are the designs of bitumen melter equipment to reduce heat loss?
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The bitumen melter equipment box is divided into two chambers, the upper and lower chambers. The lower chamber is mainly used to continue to heat the bitumen extracted from the barrel until the temperature reaches the suction pump temperature (130°C), and then the asphalt pump pumps it into the high-temperature tank. If the heating time is extended, it can obtain higher temperatures. The entrance and exit doors of the bitumen melter equipment adopt a spring automatic closing mechanism. The door can be automatically closed after the asphalt barrel is pushed or pushed out, which can reduce heat loss. There is a thermometer at the outlet of the bitumen melter equipments to observe the outlet temperature.