Why does modified bitumen equipment need to be updated?
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Why does modified bitumen equipment need to be updated?
Release Time:2024-02-05
With the continuous development of society, the continuous development of economy and technology, the modern highway industry is also developing rapidly, and the requirements for pavement materials are getting higher and higher. Excellent modified bitumen bonding materials are inseparable from advanced modified bitumen bonding materials. Bitumen equipment. So besides these factors, what other reasons are there that we don’t understand? Let’s take a look:
Why does modified bitumen equipment need to be updated_1Why does modified bitumen equipment need to be updated_2
1) Some modified bitumen equipment on the market does not deal with the SBS block problem before grinding, does not have sufficient pretreatment and the structure of the mill is unreasonable. The grinding process cannot always reach a certain fineness, resulting in modified bitumen. The production efficiency of non-toxic bitumen products is not high and the product quality is unstable. It needs to rely on repeated grinding cycles and long-term incubation to solve the problem. This not only greatly increases energy consumption and costs, but also causes unstable product quality and affects the construction speed of highway projects.
2) Due to the unreasonable process route, the loss of the mill is large and the quality of the modified bitumen products is unstable. Because the swollen and stirred SBS often forms certain lumps or larger particles, when it enters the grinding chamber, due to limited space and extremely short grinding time, the mill generates a large internal pressure, and the instantaneous friction increases, resulting in The huge friction heat increases the temperature of the mixture, which can easily cause some bitumen to age. There is also a small part that has not been sufficiently ground and is directly rushed out of the grinding tank. This has a direct impact on the fineness, quality, and flow rate of the modified bitumen, and greatly shortens the life of the mill.
Therefore, it is inevitable and necessary to improve the modified bitumen process and equipment. In order to overcome common problems in the processing of modified bitumen bonding materials, our company has optimized the design of the modified bitumen production process and made structural improvements to the homogenizer and mill. Through experiments and a period of production, it has been proven that the above problems can be completely solved . We have used advanced production technology to build a batch of high-quality modified bitumen equipment, which has improved production efficiency and greatly reduced the use of electricity and heat energy, which has a certain effect on energy conservation. New and old users are welcome to call us for consultation.