The necessity of emulsified bitumen equipment in contemporary road construction projects
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The necessity of emulsified bitumen equipment in contemporary road construction projects
Release Time:2023-10-19
Analyze the necessity of emulsified bitumen equipment in modern road construction projects. With the acceleration of transportation infrastructure construction, construction standards are getting higher and higher. Emulsified bitumen is used for the closed layer of lime and the sticky layer between the old and new ground. bitumen also clearly imposes higher regulations.

Emulsified bitumen equipment makes up for the shortcomings of traditional high-temperature thermal oil heating equipment with long heating time and high energy consumption. The electric heater installed in the bitumen tank is suitable for bitumen storage and heating in transportation and municipal engineering systems. Because hot emulsified bitumen is used as the structural material of the sealing layer and the adhesive layer, the water permeability is poor, resulting in a thin surface after construction, which is easy to peel off and cannot achieve the bonding effect of the sealing layer and its upper and lower structures.
The production process of emulsified bitumen and modified material emulsified bitumen clearly includes soap liquid configuration tank, demulsifier tank, latex tank, soap liquid storage tank, static mixer, pipeline transportation and filtration device, inlet and outlet valve control system, pipeline type Multi-level emulsification pump is the main body of mechanical equipment.

Bitumenconcrete equipment produces colored bitumen pavement into three categories: substrate, modified material, and special according to its road characteristics, meeting various different needs of the color paving market.

Coupled with systems such as heating and insulation, measurement control, etc., the entire equipment has the characteristics of effective layout design, reliable operation, equipment efficiency, and low investment cost. At the same time, the design concept of modular design of bitumen concrete (composition: bitumen and epoxy resin) equipment allows users to have more choices and imagination of space.

With bitumen concrete equipment and excellent design mortar mix and construction conditions, the performance and high temperature stability of the emulsified bitumen floor are significantly enhanced. The bitumen tank is a series of products of "internally fired partial rapid bitumen storage electric heater equipment". It is an bitumen equipment that integrates fast heating, environmental protection and energy saving, and environmental protection. Therefore, it is determined that emulsified bitumen and general emulsified bitumen have different requirements in terms of transportation, storage and overall surface construction. Only proper use can achieve the desired results.