How to extend the life of bitumen tanks
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How to extend the life of bitumen tanks
Release Time:2023-10-18
Before using the bitumen tank, a small amount of liquid nitrogen must be introduced to quickly cool it. When the temperature in the tank reaches the temperature of liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen must be filled to stop the tank from being full. Plastic films and other chemical substances are not allowed to be placed outside the neck plug. From small to large, it will be a nuisance and educate the use of bitumen tanks.

Bitumen tanks should be handled with care to avoid collision and extrusion. Do not drag them around in the fields when moving, but lift them smoothly. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated place on weekdays to prevent moisture.

Because most projects of cooling circulating water are subcontracted with calcium, aluminum ions and acidic and alkaline salts. When the cooling water flows through the metal surface, sulfides are formed. In addition, the oxygen dissolved in the cooling water will continue to cause electrochemical corrosion and genetic mutation of rust.
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Due to the spread of rust and scale in the bitumen tank, the heat transfer effect is stable but declining. When the scale is severe, the cooling water will be sprayed outside the casing. When the fouling is severe, the pipeline will be blocked, making the heat transfer function useless.

The accumulation of dirt in bitumen tanks will cause serious damage to heat conduction, and the net increase in accumulation will cause an increase in energy consumption. Even a very thin layer of dirt will increase the amount of fouling in an accessory to more than 40 percent of its operation.

The liquid can be discharged when the pressure inside the bitumen tank reaches a level and discharge is desired. In order to ensure the purity of materials in storage logistics and reduce the consumption of material liquids during the next backfill, the storage tanks must not be drained entirely.