The necessity of bitumen emulsion equipment in road construction projects
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The necessity of bitumen emulsion equipment in road construction projects
Release Time:2023-10-18
As transportation infrastructure construction speeds up, construction standards are getting higher and higher, and higher requirements are also put forward for the use of bitumen in the sealed layer of limestone and the adhesive layer between the new and old floors. Because hot bitumen is used as the structural material of the sealing layer and the adhesive layer, the wetting ability is poor, resulting in a thin surface after construction, which is easy to peel off and cannot achieve the bonding effect of the sealing layer and the upper and lower structures.

The production process of emulsion bitumen is established with soap liquid configuration tank, demulsifier tank, latex tank, soap liquid storage tank, static mixer, pipeline transportation and filtration device, inlet and outlet valve control system, and pipeline-type emulsification pumps of various types. Mechanical equipment actors.
Coupled with systems such as heating and insulation, measurement and control, and appliance control, the entire equipment has the characteristics of reasonable layout, stable operation, high equipment efficiency, and low investment cost. At the same time, the modular design of bitumen emulsion equipment allows users to have more choices and imagination.

Under excellent design mortar mix and construction conditions of bitumen emulsion equipment, the performance and high-temperature reliability of bitumen roads are significantly improved. Therefore, it is decided that it has different requirements from ordinary products in terms of transportation, storage and overall surface construction. Only by proper use can the expected effect be achieved.

After using bitumen emulsion equipment, the oil level gauge must be checked frequently. For every 100 tons of emulsified bitumen produced by the micronizer, unsalted butter must be added once. The dust in the box must be controlled once every six months, and dust can be removed with a dust blower to prevent dust from entering the machine and damaging parts. bitumen concrete equipment, mixing pumps, and other motors and reducers must be maintained in accordance with the instructions for use. To increase the utilization rate of machinery and equipment.