Emulsified bitumen plant prevents unnecessary losses in operation
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Emulsified bitumen plant prevents unnecessary losses in operation
Release Time:2023-11-29
There are two main modification channels for emulsified bitumen equipment: external mixing method and internal mixing method. The external mixing method is to first make ordinary emulsified bitumen plant, then add polymer latex modifiers to the ordinary Shanxi emulsified bitumen equipment, and mix and stir to prepare. The polymer emulsions are usually CR emulsions, SBR emulsions, and acrylic emulsions. The internal mixing method is to first mix rubber, plastic and other polymers and other additives into hot and cold-mix colored bitumen. After mixing and balancing, and showing the relative influence between the polymer and the cold-mix colored bitumen, polymer-modified bitumen is obtained. , and later the modified bitumen emulsion is customized through emulsification technology. The polymer commonly used in the internal mixing method is SBS. If the cold mix bitumen material is stopped for an hour after stirring, clean the surface of the stirring barrel, add clean water, and clean the mortar. List the water later, and remember that there is no accumulation of water in the bucket to prevent the prescription from changing, causing the forum and other methods to appear rusty. When using it in accordance with the instructions, you must take some simple measures to avoid unnecessary losses to the operation. 
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Operating principle of emulsion bitumen equipment:
The surface tension strength of emulsion bitumen equipment and water is very different, and they are not miscible with each other at normal or high temperatures. When the emulsion bitumen plant is subjected to machine properties such as rapid centrifugation, shearing, and impact, the emulsion bitumen equipment will evolve into particles with a particle size of 0.1~5 μm, and be scattered to the point where there is no surfactant (emulsifier-stabilizer) In the water medium, because the emulsifier can be adsorbed on the surface of Shanxi emulsified cold-mix colored bitumen particles at fixed points, the interfacial tension between water and cold-mix colored bitumen is reduced, so that the cold-mix colored bitumen particles can form a stable scattered system in the water. , the emulsion bitumen equipment setting is an oil-in-water emulsion. Such a scattered system is brown in color, with cold-mixed colored bitumen as the dispersed phase and water as the continuous phase, and has good fluidity at room temperature. Emulsion bitumen equipments installation In a sense, emulsion bitumen equipment is used to "disperse" cold-mix colored bitumen with water, thereby coordinating the fluidity of cold-mix colored bitumen.

    The emulsified bitumen plant hot-melts the base cold-mix colored bitumen, and then disperses the slightly cold-mixed colored bitumen particles into the aqueous solution containing emulsifier through a machine to form liquid cold-mixed colored bitumen sheets. The cement emulsified bitumen equipment mortar used for the slab ballastless track structure uses cationic emulsion bitumen plant. In order to coordinate the elasticity, toughness and quality of the cement emulsified bitumen equipment mortar, polymers are often used to modify the bitumen.