How much do you know about the function of slurry seal
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How much do you know about the function of slurry seal
Release Time:2024-05-16
When it comes to slurry sealing, everyone must be familiar with it. We all know that it is a cold-mix fine-grained asphalt concrete thin-layer construction technology using (modified) emulsified asphalt as the binding material. So everyone knows that it is used in construction. What are the effects afterward? If you don’t know, let’s follow the editor of Sinoroader Group to find out.
How much do you know about the function of slurry seal_1How much do you know about the function of slurry seal_2
1. Anti-slip effect: Since the thickness of the emulsified asphalt slurry mixture paved is relatively thin and the thick and fine materials are evenly distributed, there will be no oil on the road surface, and the road surface has a good rough surface that can increase the friction coefficient and improve the anti-skid effect. performance.
2. Waterproofing effect: The aggregate particle size in the slurry seal mixture is relatively fine and has a certain gradation, so the emulsified asphalt slurry mixture can adhere firmly to the road surface after it is paved and formed, forming a Use a dense surface layer to prevent rain and snow from penetrating into the base layer.
3. Wear resistance: The cationic emulsified asphalt in the slurry seal layer has good adhesion to acid and alkaline mineral materials, so the mixture can choose hard and wear-resistant mineral materials to improve the wear resistance. Abrasion resistance, extending its service life.
4. Filling effect: The emulsified asphalt slurry mixture is in a slurry state after being mixed, and has relatively good fluidity. It can fill in the small cracks on the road surface and the uneven pavement caused by looseness and falling off of the road surface, thereby improving the surface quality of the road surface. Flatness.
The above are the major functions of slurry sealing shared by Sinoroader Group. We hope it can help you understand better. If you have more questions, you can contact us at any time for consultation.