Sinoroader slurry sealing truck is developing well and has won wide praise from customers
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Sinoroader slurry sealing truck is developing well and has won wide praise from customers
Release Time:2023-10-27
In recent years, Sinoroader has relied on a strong technical development team, combined with market development prospects and trends, to continuously improve the company's independent research and development and innovation of special-purpose vehicles, and develop towards a serialized, diversified and specialized model based on small arrogance. , has launched more than 100 varieties of asphalt mixing plants, asphalt emulsification equipment, asphalt barrel removal equipment, asphalt bag removal equipment, slurry sealing trucks, asphalt spreading trucks, gravel sealing trucks and gravel spreaders, etc. The quality is reliable and widely used in road construction projects across the country. The construction results have been fully recognized by the national highway industry.
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The slurry sealing truck is a pavement maintenance equipment gradually developed based on the needs of road maintenance. It is mainly used to deal with reduced friction, cracks, ruts and other diseases on the road surface to improve the skid resistance and waterproofness of the road surface. , improve road surface smoothness and driving comfort, thereby achieving the effect of "returning the old to the new". This equipment can be widely used in the construction techniques of ordinary slurry sealing, modified slurry sealing and micro-surfacing. The SRXF slurry sealing truck is a new type of road maintenance equipment with international advanced level independently developed by our company on the basis of absorbing advanced foreign technology. It has independent intellectual property rights. After years of construction practice, this product has been continuously optimized and is Currently the ideal equipment for slurry sealing and micro-surfacing construction.

Henan Sinoroader Heavy Industry Corporation has always been committed to designing and producing high-performance equipment for high-end customers, fully meeting customers' production needs and personalized needs, and focusing on reducing customers' usage costs and creating maximum value for customers. As a leader in road vehicle equipment, Sinoroader has won high praise and recognition from customers with its concept of "quality first, customer satisfaction" and its highly reliable road vehicle construction and maintenance equipment.