The brief discussion on key measures for asphalt pavement construction quality
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The brief discussion on key measures for asphalt pavement construction quality
Release Time:2023-11-02
Regarding the key measures for asphalt pavement construction quality, Henan Sinosun  Heavy Industry Corporation will explain some knowledge:
1. Before construction, conduct tests first to decide what materials and proportions to use based on the base structure conditions, and then determine the connection of each process, on-site man-machine combination, driving speed and other requirements through the test road.
2. Make sure the base surface is clean and dry. Before pouring the penetrating oil, you must use an air compressor or forest fire extinguisher to blow off the dust on the surface of the base layer (when the base layer is seriously polluted, you should first flush it with a high-pressure water gun, and then blow it clean after it dries). Try to keep the surface of the base layer clean. The aggregate is exposed, and the surface of the base layer should be dry. The moisture content of the base layer should not exceed 3% to facilitate the penetration of the permeable oil and the bonding with the base layer.
3. Choose appropriate spreading equipment. The selection of machinery is very important. Currently, there are many old-fashioned spreading trucks in China, making it difficult to ensure construction quality. A suitable permeable oil spreading truck should have an independent oil pump, spray nozzle, rate meter, pressure gauge, meter, thermometer to read the temperature of the material in the oil tank, bubble level and hose, and be equipped with an asphalt circulation mixing device, the above Equipment must be in good working order.
4. Control the amount of spreading. During construction, the spreading truck should be ensured to run at a uniform speed to ensure a uniform and stable spreading amount. Frequently use an iron plate to check the spreading amount. When the spreading amount does not meet the requirements, adjust the spreading amount in time by changing the driving speed.
5. After the through-layer spreading is completed, protection work should be done. Because the penetrating oil requires a certain spreading temperature and penetration time. The spreading temperature is generally between 80 and 90°C. The spreading time is when the temperature of the day is relatively high, the surface temperature is between 55 and 65°C, and the asphalt is in a softened state. The penetration time of the penetrating oil is generally 5 to 6 hours. During this period of time, traffic must be strictly controlled to avoid sticking or sliding, which will affect the effect of the permeable oil.
The asphalt permeable layer plays an irreplaceable role in the entire asphalt pavement construction process. Each construction process and related test, temperature, rolling and other control indicators are well controlled, and the construction of the permeable layer will be completed on time and in quantity.