Detailed introduction to two common methods of modified asphalt plant
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Detailed introduction to two common methods of modified asphalt plant
Release Time:2023-11-03
According to the different production processes of modified asphalt plant, it can be divided into two types: batch work and continuous work. The bitumen storage tank is another new type of bitumen heating storage equipment developed by combining the characteristics of traditional high-temperature thermal oil-heated bitumen storage tanks and internally fired rapid bitumen heating tanks.

The characteristic of batch work is the blending of demulsifier and water. The demulsifier soap is prepared in a container in advance, and then pumped into black anti-static tweezers with a pump. After a jar of demulsifier solution is used up, proceed to the next step. The liquid soap blending in one tank; the soap liquid preparation in two soap liquid tanks is carried out alternately and in batches; it is mainly used for portable and medium-sized emulsified asphalt production line equipment.
Continuous working type (the characteristic of online production and manufacturing is that water, demulsifier and other preservatives (acid, calcium chloride) are sent into the black anti-static tweezers using a plunger metering pump, and the blending of the demulsifier solution It is carried out in pipelines. Modified asphalt plant, also known as colorful powdery sand material, is a powdery sand material that imitates the composition of modified asphalt and is made of modified materials blended with chemical raw materials such as petroleum resin and modified materials. This type of Bitumen itself is not colorful or colorless, just dark red. In recent years, it is commonly known as colored asphalt pavement due to market habits. Modified asphalt plants can complete large-flow continuous work; it has small storage tank capacity, large production volume, and automation technology High-level advantages; mainly used in mobile emulsified asphalt production line equipment of emulsified asphalt manufacturers.

According to the different installation methods of modified asphalt plants, it can be divided into two types: fixed and portable. Mobile, medium and large emulsified asphalt production line equipment for emulsified asphalt manufacturers; portable, medium and small emulsified asphalt production line equipment for on-site construction.