Operational requirements for pavement slurry seal in road maintenance
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Operational requirements for pavement slurry seal in road maintenance
Release Time:2023-11-06
With the rapid development of social economy, highways, as important social infrastructure, have contributed greatly to economic development. The healthy and orderly development of highways is an essential foundation for my country’s economic development. Excellent highway operating conditions are the basis for its safe, high-speed, comfortable and economical operation. At that time, the accumulated traffic load and climatic natural factors brought about by social and economic development caused immeasurable damage to my country's highways. All types of highways cannot be used normally within the expected period of use. They often suffer from varying degrees of early damage such as ruts, cracks, oil spills and potholes 2 to 3 years after they are opened to traffic. First of all, we now understand the cause of the damage so that we can prescribe the right medicine.
The primary problems existing on my country’s highways include the following aspects:
(a) The sharp increase in traffic flow has accelerated the aging of my country's highways. Frequent vehicle overloading and other conditions have increased the burden on the highways, which has also led to increasingly serious road wear and damage;
(b) The level of information, technology and mechanization of highway maintenance in my country is low;
(c) The internal system for highway maintenance and processing is incomplete and the operating mechanism is backward;
(d) The quality of maintenance personnel is mostly low. Therefore, based on the current situation of my country's highways, we must establish maintenance standards, maintenance methods, and treatment methods that are suitable for my country's highways, improve the overall quality of maintenance managers, and reduce maintenance costs. Therefore, effective highway maintenance measures are of very serious significance.
The construction of the slurry sealing truck requires strict requirements in accordance with the specifications. The construction mainly starts from the two aspects of personnel and mechanical equipment as well as technical processes:
(1) From the perspective of personnel and mechanical equipment, the personnel include command and technical personnel, drivers, workers engaged in paving, machine repair, experimentation and loading, etc. The main equipment used in construction is emulsifiers, pavers, loaders, transporters and other machines.
(2) In terms of the implementation requirements of the technical process, key road repairs must be carried out first. This process needs to be completed first, and it mainly deals with defects such as potholes, cracks, slacks, muddying, waves and elasticity. Allocate people and materials according to key points. The second step is cleaning. This process is carried out together with paving to ensure the construction quality. Thirdly, pre-wet treatment is carried out, mainly through watering. The amount of watering is suitable so that there is basically no water on the road surface. The main purpose is to ensure that the slurry is bonded to the original road surface and that the slurry is easier to pave and form. Then in the paving process, it is necessary to hang the paving trough, adjust the front zipper and aggregate outlet, initiate, turn on each auxiliary machine in turn, add slurry to the paving trough, adjust the slurry consistency and pave. Pay attention to the speed of the paver when paving to ensure that there is slurry in the paving mold, and be careful to clean it when it is interrupted. The last step is to stop traffic and perform preliminary maintenance. Before the sealing layer is formed, driving will cause damage, so traffic needs to be stopped for a period of time. If there is any damage, it should be repaired immediately to prevent the disease from spreading.