The measurement method of bitumen emulsion equipment
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The measurement method of bitumen emulsion equipment
Release Time:2023-11-06
As a special piece of bitumen equipment, bitumen emulsion equipment has good performance. Its production capacity and standards affect the processing technology of the equipment. Can this equipment be environmentally friendly and energy-saving?
Some manufacturers have added an environmental protection device, a vaporization heat collection device, to their manufacturing equipment. Take the heat back home and reduce energy consumption.
As a finished product during the production process, the outlet temperature of emulsified bitumen is generally around 85°C, and the outlet temperature of bitumen concrete is above 95°C.
The emulsified bitumen enters the finished product tank directly, and the heat is lost at will, resulting in kinetic energy consumption.
During the production of bitumen emulsion equipment, water, as a manufacturing raw material, needs to be heated from normal temperature to about 55°C. Transfer the vaporization heat of emulsified bitumen to drainage. It was found that after the production of 5 tons, the temperature of the cooling water gradually increased. The production water used cooling water. The water basically did not need to be heated. Simply from energy, 1/2 of the fuel was saved. Therefore, the application of equipment can be environmentally friendly and energy-saving if it meets the corresponding standards.
The bitumen emulsion equipment is calibrated using a volumetric steam flow meter. The separation of moisturizing lotion and bitumen is measured and verified by a steam flow meter. This kind of measurement and verification method requires automatic preparation and calculation software to work together to achieve good results; it uses mass flow meter measurement and verification. This measurement and verification method is widely used in the control of solid content of emulsified bitumen.
Using the principle of conservation of energy, the specific heat of the raw material needs to be measured. The specific heat at constant pressure will be different if the oil used in bitumen is different and the refining process is different. It is not feasible for manufacturers to measure specific heat before each production.