Three working modes of modified bitumen equipment
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Three working modes of modified bitumen equipment
Release Time:2023-11-07
The types of modified bitumen equipment can be divided into many types. Modified bitumen equipment can be divided into three types: intermittent working type, semi-continuous working type, and continuous working type according to technical steps. For different types of modified bitumen What are the basic common sense about the equipment?

Modified materials emulsify bitumen. During production, demulsifier, acid, water, and latex modified materials are mixed in a soap mixing tank, and then the emulsified bitumen underwater concrete is put into a colloidal solution mill. The use of bitumen storage tanks must consider the continuous production of bitumen mixture mixing machinery, and avoid excessive investment, which may cause consumption and increase costs. The amount should be determined effectively based on the bitumen consumption.
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After a can of soap is used up, the soap is prepared, and then the production of the next can is started. When used to produce modified emulsified bitumen, depending on the technology of the modified material, the latex pipeline can be connected before or after the micronizer. There may not be a dedicated latex pipeline, but a manual one. Add the prescribed amount of latex to the soap container.

The modified bitumen equipment is actually an intermittent modified bitumen equipment equipped with a soap liquid blending tank, and the soap liquid can be replaced subsequently to ensure that the soap liquid is continuously fed into the colloidal solution mill. The bitumen storage tank is another new type of bitumen heating storage equipment developed by combining the characteristics of traditional high-temperature thermal oil-heated bitumen storage tanks and internally fired rapid bitumen heating tanks.

The characteristics of modified bitumen equipments are: fast heating, environmental protection and energy saving, large output, no consumption of what is used, no aging, and easy operation. All parts can be installed on the tank, moved, hoisted, and inspected, which is particularly convenient. It is very convenient to move around. This product can heat hot bitumen to 160 degrees in less than 30 minutes.