What is Synchronous chip sealing vehicle?
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What is Synchronous chip sealing vehicle?
Release Time:2023-08-21
The intelligent synchronous chip sealing vehicle is the equipment that sprays bitumen binder and aggregate at the same time, so that there is the most sufficient contact between the bitumen binder and the aggregate to achieve the maximum and cohesion between them. It can be widely used in fast and synchronous sprinkling operations on highways, spreading bitumen and aggregate at the same time, or sprinkling separately. It has the advantages of cost saving, wear-resistant, non-slip and waterproof performance of the road surface, and can quickly resume traffic after construction. Synchronous chip sealing truck is suitable for road construction of different grades.

During normal construction, the intelligent synchronous chip sealing vehicle can spray bitumen and stone materials at the same time or separately, and one vehicle can be used for two purposes. The vehicle adjusts the amount of sprinkling according to the change of driving speed to ensure uniform sprinkling. The width of asphalt and stone spreading can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the width of the road surface. 
Hydraulic pumps, asphalt pumps, burners, plunger pumps, etc. are all imported parts. The pipes and nozzles are flushed with high-pressure air, and the pipes and nozzles are not blocked. Gravity direct flow stone spreading structure, computer controlled 16-way material gate. A center-top turning shaft is installed in the silo to ensure the stability of the silo rising.
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Technical features of intelligent synchronous chip sealing vehicle
01. Rock wool insulation tank body, large-capacity gravel bucket turned inside;
02. The tank is equipped with heat conduction oil pipe and agitator, which can spray rubber asphalt;
03. Equipped with a full-power power take-off, the spreading is not affected by gear shifting;
04. High-viscosity thermal insulation asphalt pump, stable flow and long life;
05. Honda engine-driven heat conduction oil pump is more fuel-efficient than car-driven;
06. The heat transfer oil heats up, and the burner is imported from Italy;
07. German Rexroth hydraulic system, more stable quality;
08. The spreading width is 0-4 meters, and the spreading width can be adjusted arbitrarily;
09. Computer-controlled 16-way material door stone spreader;
10. German Siemens control system can precisely adjust the amount of asphalt and gravel;
11. The rear working platform can manually control the sprinkler and stone distribution;

Compared with similar products, Sinoroader intelligent Synchronous chip sealing truck has the characteristics of high degree of automation, uniform spreading, simple operation, large loading capacity, high efficiency, all main components adopt international brands, and novel appearance design. It is a high-grade pavement Ideal equipment for construction.