Basic knowledge of road maintenance
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Basic knowledge of road maintenance
Release Time:2023-12-29
Highway maintenance refers to the transportation department or highway management agency's maintenance of highways and highway land in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, government regulations, technical specifications, and operating procedures during highway operation in order to ensure the safety and smooth flow of highways and keep the highways in good technical condition. Maintenance, repair, soil and water conservation, greening and management of ancillary facilities along the highway.
Road maintenance tasks
1. Adhere to daily maintenance and promptly repair damaged parts to keep all parts of the highway and its facilities intact, clean and beautiful, ensuring safe, comfortable and smooth driving to improve social and economic benefits.
2. Take correct engineering and technical measures to periodically carry out major and medium repairs to extend the service life of the highway to save money.
3. Improve or transform the routes, structures, pavement structures, and facilities along the lines whose original standards are too low or have defects, and gradually improve the quality of use, service level, and disaster resistance of the highway.
Classification of highway maintenance: classified by project
Routine maintenance. It is a regular maintenance operation for the highways and facilities along the lines within the management scope.
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Minor repair works. It is a regular operation to repair the slightly damaged parts of the highways and facilities along the lines within the management scope.
Intermediate repair project. It is a project that regularly repairs and reinforces the generally damaged parts of the highway and its facilities to restore the original technical condition of the highway.
Major repair project. It is an engineering project that carries out periodic comprehensive repairs on major damages to highways and facilities along them to fully restore them to their original technical standards.
Remodeling project. It refers to the construction of highways and facilities along them due to their inability to adapt to the existing traffic volume growth and load-carrying needs.
A larger engineering project that improves technical level indicators and improves its traffic capacity.
Classification of highway maintenance: by maintenance classification
Preventive maintenance. To keep the road system in good condition longer
A maintenance method that delays future damage and improves the functional condition of the road system without increasing the structural load-bearing capacity.
Corrective maintenance. It is the repair of local damage to the pavement or the maintenance of certain specific diseases. It is suitable for situations where local structural damage has occurred on the pavement, but has not yet affected the overall situation.
Key technologies for pavement maintenance
Asphalt pavement maintenance technology. Including daily maintenance, grouting, patching, fog seal, pavement regeneration agent, thermal repair, gravel seal, slurry seal, micro-surfacing, loose pavement disease repair, pavement subsidence treatment, pavement ruts, wave treatment , pavement muddying treatment, restorative treatment of the bridge approach, and transitional treatment of the bridge approach.
Cement pavement maintenance technology. Including pavement maintenance, joint regrouting, crack filling, pothole repair, emulsified asphalt pouring for stabilization, cement slurry pouring for stabilization, partial (whole body) repair, mud repair, arch repair, and slab subsidence repair.