Briefly describe the characteristics of modified emulsified bitumen for micro-surfacing
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Briefly describe the characteristics of modified emulsified bitumen for micro-surfacing
Release Time:2024-03-26
The cementing material used in micro-surfacing is modified emulsified bitumen. What are its characteristics? Let’s talk about the construction method of micro surfacing first. Micro surfacing uses a micro surfacing paver to evenly spread a certain grade of stone, filler (cement, lime, etc.), modified emulsified bitumen, water and other additives onto the road surface in proportion. This construction method has certain advantages because the bonding material used is modified slow-cracking fast-setting emulsified bitumen.
The micro-surface has better anti-wear and anti-slip properties. Compared with ordinary slurry sealants, the surface of micro-surface has a certain texture, which can resist vehicle friction and slippage and ensure driving safety. The basis for this point is that the cement used in micro-surfacing should have good bonding properties.
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After adding modifiers to ordinary emulsified bitumen, the properties of the bitumen are improved, and the bonding performance of the micro-surface is improved. This makes the road surface after construction have better durability. Improved high and low temperature performance of the pavement.
Another important feature of the modified slow-cracking and fast-setting emulsified bitumen used in micro-surfacing construction is that it can be constructed mechanically or manually. Due to its slow demulsification characteristics, it meets the mixing needs of the mixture. This makes the construction flexible, and the appropriate construction method can be selected according to the actual situation, allowing the manual paving scheme to be realized.
In addition, the cementing material on the micro surface also has the characteristic of quick setting. This characteristic allows the road surface to be opened to traffic 1-2 hours after construction, reducing the impact of construction on traffic.
Another point is that the bonding material used in micro-surfacing construction is liquid at room temperature and does not require heating, so it is a cold construction. This not only improves construction efficiency, but also reduces energy consumption, which is in line with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. Compared with traditional hot bitumen construction, the cold construction method of micro-surfacing does not produce harmful gases and has less impact on the environment and construction workers.
These characteristics are the prerequisite for ensuring the construction effect and are also necessary characteristics. Does the emulsified bitumen you purchased have these properties?