Dust-free sweepers used in road construction
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Dust-free sweepers used in road construction
Release Time:2024-03-20
Dust-free sweepers, also called dust free sweeper vehicles, have the function of vacuuming and sweeping. Equipment requires regular repairs and maintenance.
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Dust-free suction sweepers are mainly used for dust-free cleaning of cement-stabilized soil gravel before spreading oil on new roads, cleaning the road surface after milling during road maintenance construction, and recycling excess gravel after simultaneous gravel construction. It can also be used for road cleaning in other places such as asphalt mixing plants or cement mixing plants, national and provincial trunk lines, highly polluted sections of municipal roads, etc.
Dust-free sweepers are widely used in highway and municipal construction.
The dust-free sweeper can be used for sweeping or pure suction. The left and right sides are equipped with side brushes for milling and clearing corners and curb stone corners.