Micro-surface rut repair technology for micro-surface construction
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Micro-surface rut repair technology for micro-surface construction
Release Time:2024-03-20
Rutting on asphalt pavement can easily affect driving comfort, and the safety factor is low, making traffic accidents prone to occur. what can we do about it?
If ruts appear, they should be repaired promptly. The more common method is to mill and then repave. Someone wants to ask if there is any other simple method?
Of course there is. Directly adopt the micro-surface rut repair process. In this process, the ruts can be milled out first and then micro-surfacing can be paved. There is also a relatively simple method, which is to use a rut repair paver box to directly repair the ruts.
Micro-surface rut repair technology for micro-surface construction_1Micro-surface rut repair technology for micro-surface construction_2
On what roads can this technology be applied?
The micro-surface rut repair technology is widely used and can be used to repair ruts on asphalt pavements such as highways, primary and secondary highways. One of the characteristics of these pavements is that they have good load-bearing capacity and no obvious weight loss.
After rut repair construction, the smoothness and beauty of the road surface can be restored, and driving comfort and safety can be improved.
The construction section should be surveyed and analyzed before construction. When construction conditions are met, micro-surface rut repair and paving construction will be carried out.
Some customers still encountered various problems after constructing according to other people's successful construction methods. Why is this happening?
Each construction method, in each application, is a different construction process. It is necessary to select materials and formulate construction plans based on specific conditions, and cannot be generalized. This is the reason why your gourd is different from other people's gourds after you compare them.