What are the main road uses of modified bitumen equipment?
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What are the main road uses of modified bitumen equipment?
Release Time:2023-12-07
Contemporary roads and pavements have undergone many changes: traffic volume and driving frequency have increased significantly, the axle load of logistics trucks has continued to increase, one-way driving in separate lanes has been widely implemented, and regulations have further improved the anti-flow resistance of the ground, that is, the work of modified bitumen equipment under high temperatures ability;
Improve softness and toughness, that is, the ability to resist cracking at low temperatures; improve wear resistance and extend service life. Modern buildings widely use long-span prestressed steel roofs, requiring exterior wall waterproofing materials to be integrated into large offsets. They can also withstand stringent high and low temperature climate conditions, have better performance, are self-adhesive, facilitate construction, and reduce maintenance labor.
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This change caused by the use of natural environment poses serious challenges to the performance of modified bitumen equipments. People have attached great importance to modified bitumen modified materials to adapt them to the above stringent application requirements. Modified bitumen plant waterproof materials and architectural coatings mainly show practical effects in certain engineering projects.
However, because the price of raw materials after modified bitumen equipment is generally 2 to 7 times higher than that of ordinary modified bitumen, customers do not fully understand the engineering characteristics of the materials, and the production volume of bitumen concrete increases slowly. Today's modified road bitumen is mainly used for paving in special places such as runways, moisture-proof roads, underground parking lots, sports venues, heavy traffic surfaces, intersections and ground corners. During this period, bitumen concrete was applied to the maintenance and reinforcement of road networks, which greatly promoted the widespread use of modified material road bitumen.