Comprehensive knowledge about asphalt mixing plants that you want to know
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Comprehensive knowledge about asphalt mixing plants that you want to know
Release Time:2024-04-17
Asphalt mixture mixing equipment is a proportion of the investment in asphalt mixture mixing plants. It not only affects the normal production, but also directly determines the quality of asphalt mixture and the cost of use.
    The model of asphalt mixing equipment should be scientifically and rationally selected based on the annual output. If the model is too large, it will increase the investment cost and reduce the effective use efficiency of polyurethane products; if the equipment model is too small, the output will be insufficient, resulting in the failure to improve construction efficiency, thereby prolonging the operation time. , poor economy, construction workers are also prone to fatigue. Asphalt mixing plants below type 2000 are usually used for local construction roads or municipal maintenance and repairs, while type 3000 or above are mostly used in large-scale road projects such as highways, national highways, and provincial highways. Usually these projects have tight construction periods.
According to the annual demand output, the hourly output of the asphalt mixture mixing plant = annual demand output/annual effective construction 6 months/monthly effective sunny days 25/10 hours of work per day (the prime time for effective asphalt construction per year is 6 months, and the effective construction days per month are more than 6 months) 25 days are calculated, and the daily working hours are calculated as 10 hours).
It is better to choose the rated output of the asphalt mixture mixing plant to be slightly larger than the theoretical calculated hourly output, because affected by various factors such as raw material specifications, moisture content, etc., the actual stable output of the asphalt mixture mixing plant is usually only 60% of the product model~ 80%. For example, the actual rated output of the 4000-type asphalt mixture mixing plant is generally 240-320t/h. If the output is increased further, it will affect the mixing uniformity, gradation and temperature stability of the mixture. If it is producing rubber asphalt Or SMA and other modified asphalt mixtures or when produced after rain, the rated output will decrease to a certain extent. This is mainly because the mixing time is extended, the stone is moist and the temperature rises slowly after rain.
It is planned to complete the asphalt mixture task of 300,000 tons in one year after establishing the station. According to the above calculation formula, the hourly output is 200t. The stable output of the 4000-type asphalt mixture mixing plant is 240t/h, which is slightly more than 200t. Therefore, the 4000-type asphalt mixing plant was selected. Mixing equipment can meet the construction tasks, and the 4000-type asphalt mixing equipment is also the mainstream model commonly used by construction units in very large projects such as highways and main roads.
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Staffing is reasonable and efficient
At present, the proportion of labor costs in construction enterprises is increasing year by year. Therefore, how to reasonably allocate human resources is not only reflected in the business capabilities of the selected personnel, but also in the number of personnel allocated.
The asphalt mixing plant is a complex system composed of multiple components, and the production process requires the coordination of multiple people. All managers understand the importance of people. Without reasonable staffing, it is impossible to achieve good economic benefits.
Based on experience and needs, the necessary personnel for an asphalt mixing plant are: 1 station manager, 2 operators, 2 maintenance personnel, 1 weighing scale and material collector, 1 logistics and food management person, and clerk 1 person is also responsible for financial accounting, a total of 8 people. Operators and maintenance personnel must be trained by the asphalt mixing plant manufacturer or professional institution and hold a certificate before working.
Increase efficiency and strengthen comprehensive management
Management is reflected in the management of personnel, but also in the management of work and production. It has become a consensus in the industry to seek benefits from management.
Under the premise that the price of asphalt mixture is basically stable, as an operator of asphalt mixture mixing plant, in order to achieve good economic benefits, the only way is to work hard on cost saving. Cost saving can start from the following aspects.

Improve productivity
The quality of the aggregate directly affects the productivity of the asphalt mixing plant. Therefore, the quality should be strictly controlled when purchasing raw materials to avoid affecting the output due to overflow and overflow. Another factor that affects the productivity of the asphalt mixing plant is the main burner. The drying drum of the asphalt mixing plant is designed with a special heating zone. If the flame shape cannot match the heating zone, it will seriously affect the heating efficiency, thereby affecting the productivity of the asphalt plant. Therefore, if you find that the flame shape is not good, you should adjust it in time.

Reduce fuel consumption
Fuel costs account for a large proportion of the operating costs of asphalt mixing plants. In addition to taking necessary waterproofing measures for aggregates, it is important to improve the operating efficiency of the combustion system. The combustion system of the asphalt mixing plant consists of the main burner, drying drum, dust collector and air induction system. The reasonable matching between them plays a decisive role in the complete combustion of the fuel. Whether the flame length and diameter of the burner matches the combustion zone of the drying tube, and the exhaust gas temperature directly affect the fuel consumption of the burner. Some data show that every time the aggregate temperature exceeds the specified temperature by 5°C, fuel consumption increases by about 1%. Therefore, the aggregate temperature should be sufficient and should not exceed the specified temperature.

Strengthen maintenance and reduce repair and spare parts costs
The working environment of the asphalt mixing plant is harsh and routine maintenance is essential. As the saying goes, "Seven percent depends on quality and three percent depends on maintenance." If the maintenance is not in place, the cost of repairs, especially overhauls, will be very high. During daily inspections, small problems discovered should be dealt with promptly to prevent small problems from turning into major failures.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Investment Analysis
For an asphalt mixing plant that requires an investment of tens of millions of yuan, in the early stage of investment, the ratio of investment and income should first be considered to prevent losses caused by blind investment. The operating cost is calculated as the production cost except hardware investment. The following is an analysis of the operating cost of the project. Preset conditions: The model of the asphalt mixture mixing plant is type 4000; the working time is 10 hours of continuous operation per day and 25 days per month; the average output is 260t/h; the total production volume of asphalt mixture is 300,000 tons; the construction period is 5 months.

Venue Fees 
There are big differences in different regions. Generally, the fee is paid on an annual basis, ranging from more than 100,000 yuan to more than 200,000 yuan. The cost allocated to each ton of mixture is about 0.6 yuan/t.

Labor cost
Fixed employees generally receive an annual salary. According to the current market conditions, the annual salary of fixed employees is generally: 1 station manager, with an annual salary of 150,000 yuan; 2 operators, with an average annual salary of 100,000 yuan, for a total of 200,000 yuan; 2 maintenance workers The average annual salary per person is 70,000 yuan, a total of 140,000 yuan for two people, and the annual salary of other auxiliary staff is 60,000 yuan, a total of 180,000 yuan for three people. Temporary workers' wages are paid on a monthly basis. Based on the monthly salary of 6 people of 4,000 yuan, the temporary workers' five-month salary totals 120,000 yuan. Including the wages of other casual workers, the total personnel wages are about 800,000 yuan, and the labor cost is 2.7 yuan/t.

Asphalt cost
The cost of asphalt accounts for a large proportion of the total cost of asphalt mixture. It is currently about 2,000 yuan per ton of asphalt, equivalent to 2 yuan/kg. If the asphalt content of the mixture is 4.8%, the cost of asphalt per ton of the mixture is 96 yuan.

Aggregate cost
Aggregate accounts for about 90% of the total weight of the mixture. The average price of aggregate is about 80 yuan/t. The cost price of aggregate in the mixture is 72 yuan per ton.

powder cost
Powder accounts for about 6% of the total weight of the mixture. The average price of powder is about 120 yuan/t. The cost of powder per ton of the mixture is 7.2 yuan.

fuel cost
If heavy oil is used, assuming that the mixture consumes 7kg of heavy oil per ton and the heavy oil cost is 4,200 yuan per ton, the fuel cost is 29.4 yuan/t. If pulverized coal is used, the fuel cost is 14.4 yuan/t based on the calculation of 12kg pulverized coal consumption per ton of mixture and 1,200 yuan per ton of pulverized coal. If natural gas is used, 7m3 of natural gas is consumed per ton of the mixture, and natural gas is calculated at 3.5 yuan per cubic meter, and the fuel cost is 24.5 yuan/t.

Electricity bill
The actual power consumption per hour of the 4000-type asphalt mixture mixing plant is about 550kW·h. If it is calculated based on industrial electricity consumption of 0.85 yuan/kW·h, the electricity bill totals 539,000 yuan, or 1.8 yuan/t.

loader cost
One 4000-type asphalt mixing plant requires two 50-type loaders to load materials. Calculated based on the monthly rent of each loader of 16,000 yuan (including operator salary), the working day fuel consumption and lubrication cost of 300 yuan, each loader per year The cost is 125,000 yuan, the cost of two loaders is about 250,000 yuan, and the cost allocated to each ton of mixture is 0.85 yuan.

Maintenance costs
Maintenance costs include sporadic accessories, lubricants, consumables, etc., which cost approximately 150,000 yuan. The cost allocated to each ton of mixture is 0.5 yuan.

other fee
In addition to the above expenses, there are also management costs (such as office fees, insurance premiums, etc.), taxes, financial expenses, sales expenses, etc. According to a rough estimate of the current market conditions, the net profit per ton of mixed materials is mostly between 30 and 50 yuan, with large differences across regions.
Since material prices, transportation costs, and market conditions vary from place to place, the resulting cost analysis will be somewhat different. The following is an example of the construction of an asphalt mixing plant in a coastal area.

Investment and construction fees
A set of Marini 4000 asphalt plant costs about 13 million yuan, and the land acquisition is 4 million m2. The two-year site rental fee is 500,000 yuan, the equipment installation and commissioning fee is 200,000 yuan, and the transformer network connection and installation fee is 500,000 yuan. 200,000 yuan for basic engineering, 200,000 yuan for silo and site hardening, 200,000 yuan for silo retaining walls and rainproof greenhouses, 100,000 yuan for 2 weighbridges, and 150,000 yuan for offices and dormitories (prefabricated houses with thermal insulation materials). , a total of 15.05 million yuan is required.

Equipment operating costs
The annual output of 300,000 tons of asphalt mixture is 600,000 tons of asphalt mixture in 2 years, and the effective production time is 6 months per year. Three loaders are required, each with a rental fee of 15,000 yuan/month, with a total cost of 540,000 yuan; the electricity cost is calculated at 3.5 yuan/ton of asphalt mixture, a total of 2.1 million yuan; the equipment maintenance cost is 200,000 yuan, and the new There are few equipment failures, mainly the replacement of lubricating oil and some wearing parts. The total equipment operating costs are 2.84 million yuan.

Raw material costs
Let’s analyze the use of sup13 and sup20 asphalt mixtures in the engineering market. Stone: Limestone and basalt are currently in tight market. The price of limestone is 95 yuan/t, and the price of basalt is 145 yuan/t. The average price is 120 yuan/t, so the cost of stone is 64.8 million yuan.

Modified asphalt costs 3,500 yuan/t, ordinary asphalt costs 2,000 yuan/t, and the average price of the two asphalts is 2,750 yuan/t. If the asphalt content is 5%, the asphalt cost is 82.5 million yuan.

heavy oil
The price of heavy oil is 4,100 yuan/t. Calculated based on the need to burn 6.5kg per ton of asphalt mixture, the cost of heavy oil is 16 million yuan.

diesel fuel
(Loader consumption and asphalt plant ignition) Diesel price is 7,600 yuan/t, 1L diesel is equal to 0.86kg, and the fuel consumption of a loader for 10 hours is calculated as 120L, then the loader consumes 92.88t of fuel and the cost is 705,880 yuan. The fuel consumption for ignition of asphalt plant is calculated based on the fuel consumption of 60kg for each ignition. The cost of ignition and fuel consumption of asphalt mixing plant is 140,000 yuan. The total cost of diesel is 840,000 yuan.
To sum up, the total cost of raw materials such as stone, asphalt, heavy oil and diesel is 182.03 million yuan.

Labor costs
According to the aforementioned staffing configuration, a total of 11 people are needed for management, operation, experiment, materials and safety. The salary required is 800,000 yuan per year, totaling 1.6 million yuan in two years.
To sum up, the total direct cost of the asphalt mixing plant investment and construction costs, operating costs, raw material costs and labor costs is 183.63 million yuan.